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Go Find - Go Earn - Go Jett Coatings

Welcome to the Go Find - Go Earn - Go Jett Coatings page

Estate Agents, Body Corporate Members and Maintenance Managers, GET EXCITED! Partner Jett Coatings and Earn Commission. We are now offering you a finders fee commission on any properties brought forward.

Know of any properties in need of a paint? Well then get in touch with our team and earn a commission. Jett Coatings recognizes the value and importance of information in business. We especially value any introduction that may lead to new business and will gladly pay finder’s fees on all leads that turn into contracts.

All you need to do is fill in our Lead Form and one of our sales representatives will be in touch with you.

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Terms and Conditions

The finder's fee shall not exceed the amount advertised per successful candidate and will only be applicable should a lead from a candidate turn into a sale.

A finder's fee will only be paid out to a candidate once a project is 100% complete. This payment will occur at the end of the month in which the project has finished.

The candidate is responsible for ensuring that the referee's details are complete and correct and listed in the relevant portion of the job application form. Should any such information be inaccurate, out of date or if Jett Coatings are unable to verify or contact the listed referee, Jett Coatings will notify the candidate and no finders fee claims will be possible.

The relevant department manager will contact the referee at such time as they are eligible for a finder's fee. For individual persons, such claim must be confirmed in writing, stating their nominated bank account for payment. For Companies, a valid tax invoice must be made out to Polyhub CC, and should be inclusive of VAT (4470236151). Where the finder's fee is paid to the candidate directly as a self-referal fee (signing bonus), the applicable amount will be added onto the candidate's salary, with applicable taxation deductions.

Jett Coatings will pay the finder's fee in full by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into a designated account, confirmed in writing by the payee. No other methods of payment will be entertained.

Once the finder's fee is paid, no further correspondence will be entered into with regard to claims or disputes. All such claims or disputes must be directed to the candidate, and Jett Coatings will bear no further liability in this regard

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